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If your roof leaks during the next 10 years and it is not the result of a storm, vandalism, or manufacture issue we will fix the leak free of charge.

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About Us

At ProBuilt Roofing and Construction (PBRC), our mission as a business is to build long term relationships with our clients and the community by providing residential and commercial roofing services with the most qualified, long-standing workmanship and customer service. We work with dedication and integrity and strive for a position of leadership in the roofing industry. In short, we love this business and take great pride in our company, our community, and YOUR HOME.

Hi, my name is Beau Taylor 

VP of Claims & Senior Project Manager 

I was a college athlete, and to stay up at school to train in the off-season, we all had to get summer jobs working for our Coach. Coach's summer job every year? You guessed it! ROOFING, and I HATED IT! Tearing off and picking up tons of materials, grueling Summer days, competing with the other wrestlers to see who could finish first tearing off their section of shingles, or who could move more bundles up onto the roof the fastest. As a college wrestler in training, I did everything asked of me to do. So, I could fund my summer training and didn't have to go live at home with my parents for the summer.

However, one thing outside of the workouts always made me feel proud. Every time I see the happiness on the face of the customer after we completed a job. Our coach always exceeded the expectations of our customers. That was the man he was, and that was what he taught me. When it was time to choose a career, I decided on the restoration industry. Or should I say the restoration industry chose me? It was something I truly excelled at and a way for me to provide for my growing family. Along the way, I always remember the core values I learned while working for my coach all those years ago. Work ethic, perseverance, integrity, how you take pride in your work & that real quality always speaks for themselves. In insight, those principles helped shape me over the years. Now they are helping me shape our award-winning team of experts here at ProBuilt. There is a quote: "One of the greatest gifts life has to offer is the opportunity to work hard, at work worth doing" So now, every time I see the satisfied look on a customer's face as another project completes, it's a reminder that to me THIS is work worth doing.

Probuilt Roofing & Construction BBB Business Review

Leaveil Skinner, Managing Partner, has spent the last 15 years in the Real Estate industry. He has specialized in purchasing, managing, and selling real estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Finding the most cost-effective ways to make value added changes to your home is my passion. This commitment to service and experience in the Real Estate field makes me uniquely capable of identifying what types of upgrades will provide the best return on the investments you make to your home or business.

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"We just had our roof done by Probuilt Roofing and Construction, and we are very happy with the results. Leaveil and his office were very helpful in answering all of my questions. I did a good bit of research beforehand, and after talking with our Claim Specialist Beau I had a lot of confidence that they are up to date on the best practices and latest materials. In particular, I liked that they upgraded my new shingles for free, use a synthetic underlayment instead of tar paper, install a drip edge, and provided a 10-year labor warranty. The thing about getting a new roof is that most people may not find out whether the installer did a bad job or used inferior materials for 5-10 years when they have leaks."

Matt B.| Fort Worth

"I had a great experience working with Beau Taylor and his team. Beau even recommended a less expensive roofing product based on our needs. Leaveil was so helpful and accommodating throughout the process. I wish all home repairs/renovations were this easy and professional. A wonderful company to work with!"

Kate L.| Fort Worth

"In life you get what you pay for and this is certainly true with Probuilt Roofing and Construction. There are so many “fly be night” roofing companies out there who do not have the long standing customer service and support that a local roofing company can offer. Everyone should take the time to educate themselves about the roofing process and the track record of the company, as this is a very larger investment and an area where you don’t want to cut corners. The team at Probuilt Roofing and Construction provided me with many educational links and never pressured me into a sale. They wanted to ensure that I fully understood the process and trusted that I would make an intelligent decision. They are fought for me and delivered on every promise."

Kevin A.| Aledo

"Probuilt Roofing and Construction installed a new roof on our home and everything went exactly as planned and scheduled. The installation crew covered all our plants and deck when removing the roof and then cleaned up perfectly when the job was done. We were kept informed all along the job from start to finish so we knew how and when everything would be done. I’ve never experienced a contractor, a company or an owner like Leaveil who worked with us on every detail. Further, we had gotten several other quotes with Probuilt being the best & most accurate. This project couldn’t have been done more smoothly… We greatly appreciate Leaveil the owner and Beau our claim specialist and inspector. They both were there for every step of the way."

Joe V.| Cedar Hill

"We had significant hail damage due to the May 2018 hail storm in Mansfield, and warded off all the storm chasers that came through our area for 2 months after. I called Probuilt Roofing and Construction after the insurance adjuster had written off the roof, and they worked us into their busy schedule. Amazing job done by an amazing and hard-working crew. I was impressed by the way they used tarps to protect the landscaping around the house, and Beau was pretty particular about cleaning up after the crew. Probuilt Roofing and Construction was a pleasure to work with, and he provided several improvements to our roof like installing a chimney cricket and ridge vents. We used Moire black shingles and the roof looks... Amazing!"

Larry O.| Mansfield